Driving Lessons

Ian is an amazing teacher, So professional, easy going very cheap prices, has some great jokes, and best of all is an amazing driving teacher, I will recommend him to all of my friends.

Miss Green 

Thank You Ian!

Aaron Crowe

I was never keen on the idea of starting driving lessons so it took me 16 years before I began. My family bought some gift vouchers for me from Ian and chose him because he had taught my half-brother who passed first time with Ian and enjoyed his lessons.

It was hard at first of course but over time it became easier as Ian built my confidence and skills, always being patient, supportive and encouraging and making the lessons enjoyable with his sense of humour. I am thrilled to say that I passed first time and I really enjoy driving now. What a turn around. I would recommend Ian to anyone.

James Hunt

I enjoyed all of my lessons with Ian and looked forward to each one. Ian was always professional, kind and patient, encouraging if I went wrong but I always felt confident because he would go through things with me so that I felt I knew what I had to do. Most of all, I remember his great sense of humour which made the lessons fun. I passed first time and I would have no hesitation in recommending Ian.

Leanne Stubbings

Ian was my second driving instructor. My confidence was low when I joined Ian but he boosted it so much so that I am now not only a confident driver but am confident generally.

During lessons, Ian would explain what I was going to do so that when I did it, I knew what I had to do. I never worried about making a mistake because Ian did not dwell on the negatives, he would talk about any error and explain why it happened and how we would work to perfect that particular part of the syllabus. Because of this, I never worried that I would not succeed. Ian said we would perfect things and we did. I went into my test with huge confidence.
Ian was always professional, encouraging and supportive, with a great sense of humour. I would recommend him to anyone. He was fantastic!

Chloe Johnson

I thoroughly enjoyed Ian’s driving lessons; they were comprehensive and easy to understand, with a learning curve that adapted to my own ability. Ian gave me all the skills necessay to become a great driver. I felt completely confident before my practical examination and continue today to be a confident and safe driver.

(Dragos passed first time but he is too modest to mention it so I thought I would instead!)

Dragos Carmaciu

All three of my daughters had driving lessons with Ian, two passing first time and the other passing second time which I reckon is very good. We were very pleased with Ian. He was consistent and very patient. The girls were keen to attend their lessons and were very confident. We were very happy with him.

Mrs Sue Gowers, mother of Helen, Rachel and Jenny Gowers

Ian, we are really pleased thank you for all your hard work with Robert. I know that as well as learning to drive, he really enjoyed his driving lessons. We will definitely be recommending you Ian. Thanks again.

Carole Edmonds