Chelmsford Driving Instructor

If you have not had lessons    1st 5 hours @ £55

If you have had lessons          1st 3 hours @ £33

If you have taken a test           1st 1 hour @ £11

Price after offer expires           £23 per hour or book £10 lessons @ £22 per hour

Why such great deals?

1. To help you get started and save you money to put towards future driving lessons. If you are entitled to the 5 at £55 offer, you will achieve an hourly rate of £17 per hour for the first 10 hours. That’s a big saving!

2. Our special offers allow you to have a few lessons at a modest price to see how you get on with Ian. You can then see for yourself why the testimonials are so glowing.

3.You are not tied into any further lessons but we are confident that you will want to continue with Ian.

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